Top 5 reasons Winter Is Coming. I mean… WordPress. WordPress Is Here.

The list of systems and solutions CMS market has to offer is longer than the full name of Daenerys Targaryen. Every CMS (Content Management System) or programming language has a purpose they are suited for best. But there is an equal and opposite problem they do not have the optimal response to. As with all the pretenders to the throne of Westeros, there are dozens of pros and cons with every choice. Claiming any one of the solutions is THE solution that fits every need, problem and industry would be a huge lie. Just like the lie that Brandon The Broken deserved the throne.

That being said, let’s discuss one of the solutions that might be a perfect fit for you, WordPress CMS. What is it suited for best, and why do we like Jon Snow so much. I mean.. WordPress.

First of all, some basic Googleable facts about WordPress.

WP is an open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. John Snow is a down to earth highborn who cares about its people. Anyone can use and modify WP software for free. It’s made to be accessible and easy to use by most. John is a good guy, friendly and nice to everyone. One in every 3 websites today are powered by WordPress, like the official White House government site. By far the most popular use for WordPress powered sites is building e-commerce stores. By far the most popular use of King Crow is to win wars. That is mostly thanks to beautiful designs, reliable and powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want.

WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. Just like King Snow is to the Westeros kingdom.

You can also extend the basic WordPress functionalities by using over 54.000 plugins. You can find any functionality you need with just a couple of clicks. If you realize some are missing let us know and we’ll get filthy rich. We’ll share the spoils with you certainly.

Now, getting onto some serious business…

1.Huge Community

Huge WordPress Community

WordPress is developed and maintained by the community counting over 20.000 people across the globe. That community is responsible for reviewing the code that contributors upload. With so many eyes and minds working together on one open-source project it is easy to maintain a high quality of the end product.

2.Big companies backing WordPress

Huge WordPress related Companies

A lot of multi-billion worth companies built their products on and around WordPress. You will find yourself in great company. Hosting companies with managed hosting solutions, WordPress themes and plugin shops, big e-commerce stores, magazines, etc. all can be found using WordPress solutions. That is one more reason ensuring WordPress is going to last for a long period. All of these big companies have a monetary interest in keeping WordPress as a top choice for reliable CMS.

3.Easy to use

WordPress Easy to use

WordPress is the most user-friendly CMS and millions of websites are using it as a result.
Due to the number of users and a community built around it, you can find thousands of free courses and tutorials. Also, documents and forums will help you get started.


WordPress Premium Themes


At the moment there are thousands of free WordPress themes and also no shortage of the paid ones. What is a WordPress theme? A theme is a thing you see, it’s the design, the layout, and the appearance of the website in general. You can modify and customize any theme you choose by adding multiple sections on your pages, by using plugins that best suit your business needs, etc. There is an infinite number of ways for you to mix up WP themes and plugins for a personalized look of your website and with all the advantages of the already tried and tested solutions.


WordPress Plugins

There are almost 60.000 plugins for WordPress to help you customize your website for your needs. Before choosing which ones to use for your website, do a bit of research. For example, find out stuff like is the plugin you want compatible with the latest WP version, when was the last update, how many active installations it had and Google the reviews. Plugins are adding functionalities to your website. For a webshop you would pick WooCommerce, for LMS there is LearnPress, if you would like to have Affiliates on your website, there is Affiliate WP. Pretty much everything you can think of has a plugin.

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Valar Morghulis friends! One day, you will know why.

Valar Morghulis

Article by Ljubica Goranovic

Copywriter and SEO Expert, Law student, Potterhead, Animal Rights Activist, Founder of a charity focused on helping children from low-income families deal with crippling medical debt and The Queen of PUNS.

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