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Welcome, you! The new proud and committed owner of a, potentially, horrible mistake. I know, we said we liked WordPress the most. It’s easy to use and versatile. So what’s the tea now? Well, the tea is called WordPress Maintenance.

Preventative maintenance to be exact.

Why Would You Care About WordPress Maintenance?

You know the thing when you are trying to get a person to like you enough to commit to you? So you put in the effort, the time and money behind your intentions. You invest. The same with your business, you put in the time, money and effort to get it off the ground, and on the internet. You know the drill, right?

Just like a committed relationship, your WordPress website needs regular maintenance to thrive. You can’t stop investing in long walks and theatre tickets because you got a website now. The good traffic and positive user experience will break up with you if your site isn’t working well. And a part of that is support for your themes and plugins with regular updates. If you let your guard down some buff guy from the office will take your website to drinks. And be sure he will try to find a vulnerability, and steal all the stuff you’ve worked so hard for. The rumor is the Panama papers leaked because of an exploited vulnerability in Drupal CMS, and a WordPress slider that was not updated. Just saying… You don’t want to be in the news because of a security breach.

Panama Leak

What Is WordPress Preventative Maintenance?

WordPress is one of the easiest Content Management System. The themes and plugins are already built with excellent SEO scores in mind. Some premade sections, like Brizy, actually focus on conversions with their layouts. And the dashboard is intuitive, making it perfect for non-professionals to use.
One of the benefits of an open-source solution is a big number of developers expanding and monitoring the theme databases, plugins, patches, and security updates. The other side of the argument is that someone is constantly adding updates and patches for your themes and plugins. And hitting that update button can be a scary thing. Without proper support, you could lose all the content you have worked so hard on. A daunting thought for a magazine or a blog. Even worse for a seller, you could lose your order information and valuable customer info. That’s where the preventative comes in.

The service is provided by teams of developers with the oversight of the process and support. They will make sure your content has a backup, in case you lose it. The service you chose should also offer an update to your plugins and your theme. Look for people who will make sure everything is working well together.

Maintenance WordPress Team
Hack Capital

Do you need Any Maintenance?

It depends on your plans. Like, do you have plans to throw your money away? Don’t care about protecting your investment? Don’t care if your site is exposed to security breaches and bugs? Want a new girlfriend? Then you don’t need any help. You can let your WordPress site relationship die over time.

But, if you are not keen on wasting the recourses you worked hard to get, you will want a safety net. For a magazine, a shop or any other sort of a site that collects customer and lead data, a lot more is at stake. A security breach can lead to GDPR issues and fines to the tune of 20 million euros and a ban on collecting data. In some cases that means a complete business shutdown.
On a lighter note, a conflict between your theme and plugins can cause a site to lose some functionalities or report many mistakes to customers. In turn, that will cause a bad reputation and a decrease in lead conversion. So you have a very expensive buffet of problems to choose from. Not to mention months of efforts to rank well with Google and doing SEO, to have it all go to waste.


Invest In A Long-term Relationship With Your Business

Preferably one with updates, backups and restore options available. That would be enough for your small one-page website, blog or personal portfolio site. It will keep away your bad dreams about your content being hijacked or disappearing from the site.

So aren’t you lucky, because we offer Free Basic Maintenance for WordPress sites? Well, not completely free. We won’t ask you for money, but you do have to pay with your online currency, an email address.

Yet, if you make money through your website, you will need to invest in more than a Basic Maintenance plan. Something like our Premium or Ultimate plans. They have daily backups and restore options, as well as daily updates. Weekly security and performance checks, broken links monitoring is also a must. It will make sure your User Experience remains high and all the hard work you put in doesn’t disappear in a month.

The security is of the highest importance when you are dealing with the data of your customers. The first test of business longevity online is the security and a clean website, no bugs or broken links. With a WordPress site that runs smoothly, you won’t experience any sudden and harsh breakups with your customers and incomes. That is why monthly investments in maintenance are worth every penny. Not using maintenance services can end up costing more than you thought, and sometimes the damage is irreversible. Keep your business healthy with proper treatments is our advice to you.

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Article by Ljubica Goranovic

Copywriter and SEO Expert, Law student, Potterhead, Animal Rights Activist, Founder of a charity focused on helping children from low-income families deal with crippling medical debt and The Queen of PUNS.

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