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So, here we are. The start of the new year, for some (the ones who skipped intro to world history classes) it’s even the start of a new decade. You are ready for the new page in the books. The gym membership is paid for months in advance, and you are looking to grow your ideas and business in the future. But, between the savings you don’t have and the pension funds you are not investing in, a comfortable retirement seems like a distant dream. Yet, fear not as this is the best of times for side hustles, our modern-day hobby monetizing obsession. Or the only way for our generation to make any extra money.

You are going to meet many experts along the way of turning your hobby into a legitimate money-making business. The most vocal ones will come from the IT sector. Some will seem necessary, while others will seem like scammers. And among that bunch, there will be one. The one that will seem not so vital for the success of your business. Yet he will claim that his power is greater than the power of all others. Combined. And he finds your lack of fate disturbing.


The SEO Expert.

The ones who claim they can make the search engines see you. Rank you. And get you more valuable traffic. The Gods of stats and click through rates.
Naturally, every fragment of your human body is repulsed by the annoying way these so-called experts market themselves. If you are not the niche audience for business growth light psychology reads, you might get digestive issues while listening to some of the Search Engine Optimizators. I get you. I get those same digestive issues when I listen to them. Also, a quick disclaimer, I am one of them. Luke, I am your father.
And since I’m here and also there, let me try and bridge the gap between the two. Because you need them. I need them. The world needs them. So come over to the dark side, and let’s figure out why.

The 200 Google’s Ranking Factors

Let’s not bring Bing into this. And yes, there are 200 Google ranking factors for any given website. Han Solo might not want to hear the odds, but let me tell you your odds. The odds are against you. As an entrepreneur new to the game, you have better odds going bankrupt by the end of the year than successfully optimizing your content alone. Except if you are an SEO expert, then, by all means, do your thing.
But, for the rest of you, it takes a lot of energy and hard work to get a new business going. You should focus on providing the best service/product you can to your customers. Don’t ignore customer service, as it can make or break your business. Like budget plans can. You need to think about expenses, incomes, taxes. A lot goes into a good business plan.
200+ things more to worry about won’t help your success. You are only human, the force is not always with you.

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The Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try

Without some SEO Yoda wisdom, all your work could be invisible to the rest of the world. If you are building a business that can sustain itself by word of mouth, by all means, ignore the experts. If you need some eyeballs on your website, get help. No matter the cost, it will be cheaper than DIY SEO. If people can’t find you, they won’t buy your product.
There is too much ground to cover and SEO is a different ballgame than it used to be. By not maximizing your website traffic and visibility you are losing the profits you could be generating. Like a YouTube DIY tutorial, it will cost more if you try to do it yourself. And with every new business, the clock is ticking, and the race to become profitable or go under is on.

The No Need To Become A Jedi Master Yourself. I Promise.

As a new business owner, your time and energy are limited and valuable resources. We have not dived deep into the details of Search Engine Optimization, as it is not a one blog post topic. SEO experts are sometimes full of themselves because they understand the value of their work. It takes time, skills and experience to gather the knowledge needed for providing quality services.
And there are SEO experts at every price point. Figure out what works with your budget and fits your needs perfectly. Our web agency offers SEO Audits for free, so you have the option of getting a report and fixing the bugs yourself. But you can also get some PerfectFit expert help to tackle those issues for you. Check out our offer and prices and say Hi to our WordPress SEO expert Yedi masters here.

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Article by Ljubica Goranovic

Copywriter and SEO Expert, Law student, Potterhead, Animal Rights Activist, Founder of a charity focused on helping children from low-income families deal with crippling medical debt and The Queen of PUNS.

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