Make a passive income by sharing our products,

blog posts or any other pages on your website or social networks.

How to earn money?

Apply for an Affiliate Account

Submit an application here. After approval you will be appointed with your personal ID number that will help you share and track the progress of your Affiliate links.

Generate and share affiliate link

Generate your Affiliate URL from our Generator or simply add

?ref=YOURIDNUMBER to any URL from our website and share across your social networks or your blog.

Commission and payout criteria

Commissions start at 10% from our gross product prices and can rise up to 15% depending on the revenue your links bring. Payout starts at $105 earned.

We are using PayPal for all transactions.

During the registration we will ask for your Payment e-mail address which should be your PayPal e-mail. At this time PayPal is our only payout method.

How to apply?

In order to become an affiliate, you need to be registered with our store.

You can apply here and start the registration process.

Vetting process is simple, we will need some basic information from you like your website URLs and your Social Networks. Your following and network size are not a factor in our vetting process and we encourage small creators to join our Affiliate program.

After reviewing your application the administrators will activate your Affiliate account if the request is approved, and you will get your Affiliate ID Number.

With your Affiliate account you will be able to track the progress of your links and commissions.

We reserve the right to revoke your Affiliate Account if you violate our terms of use.

How can you create your affiliate link?

Log into your Affiliate dashboard and click the “Generate link” button. You will be redirected to a Link Generator Page, where you can generate URLs for any PerfectFit website page you choose.


Note: You can also easily add

?ref=YOURIDNUMBER to any URL from our website and share it without using the generator.

As an affiliate, you can track all actions related to the refer ID: visits, received commissions, and related payments.

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