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WordCamp Talks

WordCamps are WordPress focused and organized events.

WordCamp Bratislava 2019

WPAleks - Humanising e-commerce

WordCamp Athens 2018

WPAleks - How to get hired

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TOP 1M on Google

70% WP

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"Our business outgrew our old website fast. Also, our marketing team had issues adding content and managing it. The expenses of keeping the old site just became unprofitable and it was time for an upgrade.The PerfectFit team has delivered a professional website with excellent SEO and made lives much easier for our marketing crew. We especially appreciate the Lifetime Updates, as they make sure our Theme and Plugins won’t cause us any issues in the future. One of the things that made us choose PerfectFit Space is certainly the policy of no hidden fees and creating websites that run smoothly and independently of them. Now we can continue to work together because we are impressed with the quality of service they provide."

Marco Calicchia Co-Founder / Mazee.io

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“Our original Travel2Study website was quite outdated and hurting our business more than it was helping. The site frequently crashed and had many bugs that needed fixing, which was a real money drain. The other thing was failing to convert at optimal rates because our archaic web presentation did not reflect the full value of our offer. The new website bumped up our Google rankings and got us up to speed with the conversions of new users. With the Lifetime Updates, our 15.000+ site visits a month don’t crash our new site. PerfectFit Space now hosts both our site and our email on their servers. The value we got from this PerfectFit far exceeded our expectations. That’s why we have decided to take the WP Maintenance Professional plan and continue to work with PerfectFit Space. Best investment in our business we made in 2019.”

Una Balaban Founder and CEO / Travel2study.eu