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Hero Blocks
500+ blocks expertly crafted with conversion in mind. Our collection will enable you to pick awesome blocks/sections for your one page website.
Perfect Basic
With 100+ templates, we pride ourselves on building websites using some of the best, beautifully designed Premium WordPress Themes.

Get a FREE SEO Audit with a list of suggested fixes!

Content is a king and without the high quality content it will be hard to rank your website, but also some technical details like architecture, performance and well structured code are nothing less important.


We offer One Page website solutions. Ideal for housing up to 6 Brizy Sections you can choose from our Brizy Block Collection, inside our Premium WP Theme. Our themes are supported by Free Lifetime Updates.

We deliver SEO friendly layouts with conversions in mind. Our team guarantees an 80%+ page speed score, and a great online start for your small business. Be the exclusive owner of your online web content for a one-time payment of $150. No other monthly fees applied EVER. 

To help you make the most successful online business start we are gifting you with our FREE WP Maintenance Plan for life, One month of FREE 9-17 GMT+1 Support and a FREE Blog Page with this plan.

Fotis NF Box

“The guys at PerfectFit Space had an ideal solution for our NF-Box online presentation. We were looking for a professional and polished website, with an easy to use Content Management System. And we had a limited budget. Now every employee can add content to our Gym’s website, without any additional complicated and costly training. All thanks to the user-friendly CMS. Our site significantly improved our marketing efforts and helped us get new members. PerfectFit Space really delivered.”

Fotios Anthonarakis

NF-Box Co-Founder



Our PerfectFit Websites are a reliable asset for growing your small and medium-sized businesses. Built on Premium WP Themes you can choose from our Template Collection, and supported by Free Lifetime Updates, our sites are made to last through all updates (WordPress Core, PHP, MySQL). With up to 5 pages, you can get a website specifically customized for your industry. Our SEO friendly layouts and 80%+ page speed score guarantee by our team are aimed at helping you optimize your conversions. Be the exclusive owner of your online web content for a one-time payment of $420. No other monthly fees applied EVERPerfectFit Space team believes in supporting young entrepreneurs and startups. With every PerfectFit Website plan purchase, we will gift you with our PREMIUM WP Maintenance plan for 1 month, FREE WP Maintenance plan (Lifetime) and 3 MONTHS of FREE 9-17h gmt+1 Support.

Una Balaban

“Our original Travel2Study website was quite outdated and hurting our business more than it was helping. The site frequently crashed and had many bugs that needed fixing, which was a real money drain. The other thing was failing to convert at optimal rates because our archaic web presentation did not reflect the full value of our offer. The new website bumped up our Google rankings and got us up to speed with the conversions of new users. With the Lifetime Updates, our 15.000+ site visits a month don’t crash our new site. PerfectFit Space now hosts both our site and our email on their servers. The value we got from this PerfectFit plan far exceeded our expectations. That’s why we have decided to take the WP Maintenance Professional plan and continue to work with PerfectFit Space. Best investment in our business we made in 2019.”

Una Balaban

Travel2Study CEO



For a One Time Payment of $1000 You Get

Our Perfect All In One offer is a full service prepared to jumpstart your online store, magazine or any other high performing website. WooCommerce, LearnPress, and other plugins will help you add all of the functionalities you need for your site. We build our sites exclusively with Premium WP Themes, from our Template Collection, and they are supported by Free Lifetime Updates. For us, that is most important because we prioritize building high-quality websites and supporting your business freedom. Our sites are made to last through all updates (WordPress Core, PHP, MySQL) with no fear of crashing or other hidden costs of running a healthy online presentation. You are the exclusive owner of your online web content for a one-time payment of $1000. No other monthly fees applied EVER.

To build high-quality performing websites our team uses SEO best practices and will deliver an SEO Audit report to you. They guarantee 85%+ Page Speed Score and will incorporate Spam Protection to your website. To help you hit the ground running with your business we will GIFT you with our ULTIMATE WP Maintenance plan for 1 month, and FREE WP Maintenance (Lifetime). Our team will also offer 3 MONTHS of FREE 24/7 support. 

“Our business outgrew our old website fast. Also, our marketing team had issues adding content and managing it. The expenses of keeping the old site just became unprofitable and it was time for an upgrade.The PerfectFit team has delivered a professional website with excellent SEO and made lives much easier for our marketing crew. We especially appreciate the Lifetime Updates, as they make sure our Theme and Plugins won’t cause us any issues in the future. One of the things that made us choose PerfectFit Space is certainly the policy of no hidden fees and creating websites that run smoothly and independently of them. Now we can continue to work together because we are impressed with the quality of service they provide.”

Marco Calicchia

Mazee Co-Founder

Marco Mazee

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For a one time payment of $250 you get a guaranteed 80%+ page speed score to help your Google rankings.

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Get FREE SEO Audit with a list of suggested fixes!

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